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Apr 14

We’re Expanding!

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More Room to Grow

We are excited to announce that Bloom is expanding! After taking off in January 2012, Bloom has grown from a home office, to a small clinic, to two small clinics, to a larger clinic, and now to an even larger clinic! We will be expanding into the suite next to our current suite at the same location (9141 Cypress Green Drive). This expansion will allow a large section of the clinic to be devoted to our Petit Sprouts Center.  Our new and expanded space will also feature sections that will have a clinical concentration.  This section is being built specifically with supervision, client training, and staff training in mind.  Several treatment rooms will feature one way observation windows that will allow clinicians and clients to observe therapies without interruption and distractions.  The expansion is scheduled for completion in early May of 2015.  We are so pleased that our family has grown to encompass many new clients over the last three years and we hope to keep adding more!

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