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Apr 03

Sprouts Updates

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Bloom Activities

Petit Sprouts

Bloom’s Petit Sprouts are excited for Spring! They will sharpen their language, science, and fine motor skills and find many ways to explore the wonders of spring through new flowers, plants, budding trees, baby animals, green grass, bunnies, eggs, and baby chicks. The curriculum is full of language-rich activities; new poems and songs abound. As always, enrichment activities will be tailored to each child’s developmental milestones and individual learning and behavioral goals.

The Petit Sprouts will also have the opportunity to create their own musical instruments using a variety of recycled and upcycled items. Motor skills will also be targeted through singing and dancing to familiar and novel songs.

Super Sprouts

Bloom’s Super Sprouts got into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit last month by learning about the history of Ireland, Irish traditions, and why we celebrate the holiday. They also created leprechaun hats and participated in other group activities including an obstacle course. Way to go Super Sprouts!

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