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Petit Sprouts Early Intensive Intervention Program
About Us

Petit Sprouts is 1:1 ABA therapy with scheduled opportunities throughout a specified duration of time each day.  The scheduled therapeutic activities is to allow for patients to engage in opportunities to address social and communication skills, and therapeutic independent/group goals as outlined within their individual plans of care.

Petit Sprouts is intended for patients between the ages of 18 months to 5 years of age.  However, developmental levels may make certain patients appropriate for the program that do not fall within the typical age groups.

Please note, not all Bloom ABA patients that fall within the chronological age of 18 mo to 5 y/o automatically are incorporated into the Petit Sprouts Early Intervention Program.  Participation within the activities and groups is based on clinical recommendation from the supervising BCBA, and medical necessity as outlined within their authorized plan of care.

For questions or more information regarding our Petit Sprouts program, please contact us.

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