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Mar 30

Melancholy Mealtimes

Written by in Kids, Occupational Therapy, Parent Tips

By: Genevieve Covington, M.A., BCBA
Co-Founder & Feeding Intervention Specialist

Selective or “picky” eating (PE) often plagues families with small(ish) children. Mealtimes can wreak havoc on parents and have them wanting to avoid mealtimes with their kids. As a parent myself of two toddlers, I am well versed in what is deemed “yucky”. My three-year-old son can dig his way the center of the earth in mud, but a small change in the way a food item looks is “yucky”; and even an absurd thought to imagine he would try it. A homemade blueberry muffin that does NOT resemble his mini beloved Publix muffins, can NOT actually taste good! My three-year-old daughter can eat her weight in string cheese, but this version of mozzarella that she asks for daily is NOT the same as shredded mozzarella. In fact, if there is cheese in her treasured salads, hell hath no fury!

Young children are very irrational thinkers and explorers. Nope definitely can’t wear the Spiderman shirt I’ve been wearing for weeks, that’s ridiculous to even consider! However, I will take this button I found and see how far it can go up my nose. Such ridiculous rules of thought can be humorous at times, even endearing. However, when it comes to their basic nutritional needs to survive, it can be a daunting and very frustrating argument to have with a young child. In this article I will discuss some helpful tips and simple control techniques to implement in the home setting. Click here to read!

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