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Mar 06

Meet Kely-Marie Jackson

Written by in Staff

Early on the morning of May 21, 1979, Kely-Marie Jackson entered this world a month early by emergency c-section, weighing a slight five pounds. Being the determined person we knew her to become, she grew in leaps and bounds, never to look back at the abrupt and rude beginning. Her determination has literally gotten her to where she is today. As a homeowner and with all the responsibilities that comes with, and being a mom to her fur babies, she sets goals. Kely-Marie figured out a way to purchase a house and go back to school, on her own, to earn a career that will better her for the rest of her life.
As a child, she was always interested in art. She studied various kinds of art in high school and became quite the artist herself, including painting, drawing, pottery and photography. As she became older art would come and go, as her time to dedicate to it would come and go. Being born and raised at the beach, she would naturally fall into the hobbies that most beach people enjoy, such as, swimming and bicycling. When time allows, she enjoys camping, live music and traveling. She wants to see the world.
Kely-Marie plunged into the work world at an early age of 15 and has only worked a couple of jobs in her 22 years of being in the work force. This is because once hired, she would stay for years and years. Her last employment before her recent change was working for Citibank for fourteen years, proving her hard work and dedication. With the determination of a freight train, and with all her loyalty and dedication to herself, she is sure to be very successful as she endeavors a career at Keiser University to become an exceptional COTA.

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