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Sep 19

Meet Hae Sin, B.S., RBT

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Meet Hae Sin, B.S., RBT

Nulhae Sin has always had an interest in working with children at a very young age. Growing up in Atlanta wanting to be a pediatrician, she had the want, desire, and capability of wanting to work with children in some capacity. The doctor dream quickly ended after hard deliberation with the amount of school needed. On the other hand, growing up as a teacher’s daughter, Nulhae had the opportunity to work with children in another setting–following the footsteps as a teacher. Applying to college in Atlanta, Georgia as an early education major, that quickly changed with the exposure to psychology classes. The psychology courses and knowledge interested the inquisitive nature of learning about human behavior. Currently living in Jacksonville, Florida, she had taught in a suburb, the population of special needs students, and those who qualify, has grown. The gravitation towards the special needs department came naturally after volunteering at a young age in a handicap class at church. Multiple exposures through volunteering and attending summer camp working with special needs students has opened the door to work with them currently. Starting off as a behavioral health assistant in a self-contained classroom to gain knowledge from the bottom up, an opportunity presented itself for a teacher position. Having taught the special needs population and becoming an advocate for them for four years, the knowledge of how behavior therapy could change a student came with the weekly observations of a student in the classroom. After multiple failed suggestions to help the therapist’s client, they were not feasible in the classroom but more successful in a clinic or home setting, which is where the student also sees the therapist. With the application of the teacher’s point of view, the goal is to blend the lines of therapist suggestions and feasible solutions within the school settings to help benefit the student. Overall, the need to work collaboratively with therapists and student education is key for the child’s academic success. Nulhae Sin has taught for three years as a special needs teacher and is currently studying applied behavioral analysis at Arizona State University.

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