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Category: Science

HeroRats trained to sniff out landmines Written by September 26 in News, Science

African HeroRats were trained to detect landmines using their sense of smell and as a reward, are reinforced...

Crows use self-management to ace the marshmallow test! Written by September 26 in Research, Science

This experiment was modeled after the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment conducted by Walter Mischel in the late 1960s and...

SPECT Neuroimaging and Traumatic Brain Injuries: A Look Inside Written by September 26 in Science, Traumatic Brain Injury

SPECT neuroimaging, or single-photon emission tomography may be helpful in the detection and rehabilition for traumatic brain injury. SPECT...

The Neuroscience Behind Stress & Learning Written by July 29 in FYI, Learning, Science, Stress

The article touches on the effects of positive motivation and the power of joyful learning. This brain research...

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