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Category: Parent Tips

Math Facts Dominoes Written by September 25 in Disabilities, DIY, Kids Activity, Parent Tips

This is a fun, DIY way to increase your child’s fluency with math facts. You can use this...

Finally! A Sensory-Friendly Clothing Line Written by July 23 in Autism, Disabilities, Independence, Kids, Parent Tips, Sensory Friendly

With simple, reversible design features, soft fabric and GPS compatible items, Independence Day Clothing is changing the way...

Two Words You Can Say to Someone Facing a New Diagnosis Written by July 22 in Autism, Disabilities, Parent Tips

Mandy Farmer, a mother of three and proud parent writes about the “Two Words You Can Say to...

8 Learning Strategies for Children with ADHD Written by June 28 in ADHD, Parent Tips

Here are 8 learning strategies that may help your child with ADHD learn: 1. Seat your child away...

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