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Clinic Tour

Our clinic is over 6,000 square feet of space.

We are situated on the old Baymeadows golf course with beautiful views of the lush landscape and lots of wildlife. Our clinic features the following:

  • Petit Sprouts Early Developmental Center is ideal for little ones in the early stages of language development. The center features plenty of toys and educational manipulatives to spark the imagination and facilitate communication. ┬áThere are 3 group treatment rooms with each one dedicated to specific activities and materials.
  • A group social skills center. This center is where our Super Sprouts Social group is conducted. This room was designed for our older and higher functioning patients. It has beautiful views of the golf course, a flat screen TV for interactive learning video games, or music, group learning table and individual desks.
  • A patient computer lab where our older patients can learn to navigate technology and utilize for gaming.
  • A fully functional kitchen with all the appliances one would find at home. This helps our older patients learn important functional living skills such as cooking, cleaning, and other household chores.
  • A laundry room where our patients can continue to work on ADLs and vocational training.
  • A large indoor sensory gym. This is the most popular room in the clinic! This room features a large ball pit (a huge hit), a platform swing, as well as a “huggle-pod” swing, play-house tent, see-saw, balancing boards, and a variety of other sensory items.
  • 3 separate bathrooms for continence training programs. One bathroom is ideal for “potty parties” to help pair the bathroom with reinforcement. This is an essential component to toileting success. ┬áThere is also an assisted bathroom, and an independent bathroom as well.
  • A large patio with a vegetable garden. Our patio features water and sand tables for those who enjoy outdoor sensory fun, a picnic table for group interaction, and beautiful flowers, plants, and a vegetable garden that our older patients help tend to.
  • A large playground and full size basketball hoop for facilitating imaginative play, and team building skills.
  • 8 private treatment rooms for ABA, OT, and Speech.
  • 2 observation rooms where supervisors and parents can observe clinical sessions.
  • Staff work stations for treatment planning.
  • A large conference room for team and parent meetings.

If you are interested in viewing our clinic in person, please contact us today to schedule a tour.

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