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Super Sprouts Social Group
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Activities for social group participants have been developed to specifically address the deficits outlined in the Vanderbilt TRIAD social assessment completed by both supervising clinicians, and using the parent rating forms.  Each activity is designed to “build” off of the skills addressed the week prior.  Although activities are generic in nature, each one is modified and tailored to meet the specific needs outlined in each client’s plan of care.

The details of the activities outlined within each agenda are designed to give caregivers a clear and detailed idea of what took place during social group.  This will allow caregivers an opportunity to fully engage with their child to ask questions with prompting if necessary to increase their conversation skills, and memory.  At Bloom we are excited to help our Super Sprouts develop friendships that will give them confidence, security, and higher self esteem levels.


Super Sprouts Social Group: April & May Schedule & Activities

April 18th:

Spring is upon us!  Today our sprouts will be celebrating the warmer weather, blooming foliage, and sunnier days ahead with the following activities:

  • Dressing dolls: Our sprouts will select weather appropriate attire to dress up magnetic dress up dolls.
  • Science experiment: our sprouts will learn the different parts of a plant with a worksheet activity.  They will then be divided up into teams of two and plant tomato seeds in our indoor garden center.  The same teams will take turns over the course of the next several weeks caring for their new plants in preparation for a culinary activity to follow in April.
  • We round out the day with window painting flowers in the lobby for all to enjoy!

Below are some questions you can ask your child after the session:

  1. What plants did you plant today?
  2. What colors did you choose to use to paint the windows today?

April 25th:

Today we will be celebrating Earth Day!  Our sprouts will be decorating flower pots for a friend.  Our day will start out with the Sprouts “interviewing” their teammate and decorating their pots based on the answers provided by their friend.  For example, if Johnny tells Jane that his favorite color is green and loves dogs, Jane will be encouraged to use green paint and stickers of dogs.

Not only does this activity help our Sprouts share their interests, it also teaches acceptance, and what it’s like to do something for others.

Below are some questions you can ask your child after the session:

  1. How did you decorate your flower pot?
  2. Who did you decorate your flower pot for?
  3. Who decorated your flower pot?
  4. Did you learn anything interesting about your friend today?

May 2nd:

Today our sprouts will be telling each other how and where they Bloom!  They will be making family trees from the information provided by the take home questionnaire sent out weeks prior.  By placing their leaves on the Bloom Tree in the Pretend Playroom, each child will be able to display and discuss their own families!  A commemorative photo will be taken home of their project!

Below are some questions you can ask your child after the session:

  1. Did you learn anything new about your friends today?
  2. What was your favorite part of the project? (The concept of partiality can be difficult for some children. If your child is struggling, please provide a “forced choice” option to help them along.  For instance, “did you like standing up and talking about your family more, or did you like making the leaves better?)

May 9th:

Ready, set, move & groove!  This week the Sprouts will be teaming up in pairs to battle against each other in Kinect Adventures on the X-Box.  This game allows individuals to select avatars and use their own bodies to control them.  Adventure games include rapid waters racing, cliff climbing, running and jumping through obstacle courses, etc.

Today’s activities will help foster the concept of team work, but also allow for friendly competition, being empathetic winners, and accepting loss.

Below are some questions you can ask your child after the session:

  1. Who was your teammate?
  2. What game did you choose to battle?
  3. Who won?!

May 16:

This week we will be learning about outdoor safety.  Examples will include, recognition of when to cover up from the sun, wear sunscreen, making sure to stay hydrated, and making sure you are within a safe proximity of an adult.  This week will include pre-teaching strategies as our Super Sprouts prepare for Summer Camp this upcoming summer.  As the weather heats up, our social group will start to take place spending more time outdoors.

Our activities for the day will include summer safety bingo and a summer essentials raffle!  We will be raffling off some summer essentials like insulated water cups, hats, sunglasses, etc.  The sprouts will exchange their Bloom bucks for raffle tickets.

Below are some questions you can ask your child after the session:

  1. What did you win in the raffle? (every sprout will be a winner)
  2. What are some items that you would need when going outside when it’s hot and sunny?
  3. What is your favorite thing to do outside in the summer?

This schedule of activities will conclude Social Group for the year.  We will take two weeks off from gathering for structured activities before resuming in June for Super Sprouts Summer Camp!  We will keep all of our Social Group clients posted soon about Summer Camp.

Thank you for allowing us the privilege and opportunity to develop and foster social relationships with your children.


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