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Staff Training
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At Bloom we pride ourselves on the competency and skill level of all our staff members.  We have a diverse group of clinicians with varying skill sets, experience and licenses/certifications.

Our ABA professionals are trained and certified practitioners of Professional Crisis Management.  We use these methods to ethically prevent and reduce dangerous continuous and escalating behaviors that include elopement, aggression, self-injury, and property destruction.

We also provide a highly collaborative approach to all treatment programs.  We regularly hold team meetings, including ABA,  OT, and Speech, for our patients.  This method helps us to ensure the treatment integrity of our care, as well as provide each client with exceedingly comprehensive treatment.

Bloom also conducts regular in-services for our staff that are developed and provided by our employees.  Our in-services have included Sensory Integration from our OT, PECS training, Parent Management Training, Feeding Intervention, and PCM training. This practice helps to enhance the competency of our staff.

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