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Feb 07

2022 February Newsletter

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Bloom hit a very big milestone: A decade of successfully helping families.

Thank you to each & every family that we have had the pleasure and privilege of working with. To every staff member, past and present, a HUGE thank you for being on this journey with us.
Here’s to another 10 years of Blooming!

Genevieve and Rebekah

SRJ is Petit Sprout of the Month!

SJR arrives at Bloom every day with a huge smile on his face and so excited to start the day!

We are so proud he is beginning to say more words and has made so much progress in his communication with his therapist during 1:1 and his friends during activities!

He has also been doing such an amazing job with his group goals!

Watching you Bloom is such a privilege!

Amazing job SJR!

February Special Days

Feb 1st – Starts Black History Month
Feb 2nd – Groundhog Day
Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day
Feb 21st – President’s Day

Staff Spotlight

Kendrick Harrison

Kenny has been with Bloom since April 2021. He works at our Atlantic Beach location and is a very skilled clinician!

He works with our Petit Sprouts patients, social group clients, as well as feeding cases.

He’s a joy to work with and is usually all of the children’s favorite!

Great job Kenny, we are all so happy to work alongside of you!

Staff Birthdays

Genna Covington – February 8th

Charley Singletary – February 12th

Jenna Gay – February 15th

Big Changes at Baymeadows

It is with bittersweet hearts that we announce at the end of this month our Clinical Director of our Bay Meadows clinic Erica Egnor will be moving out of state to be closer to her family.

She expresses that “It was a VERY hard decision for me to make and I will miss every single one of the kiddos!”

We wish you all the best Erica and we will miss you.

While we are sad to see our beloved Erica go, we are excited to share the news that Madison Pryzdial will be taking on the role of Bay Meadows Clinical Director!

Maddie has been with Bloom since September 2020 and is an excellent clinician and mentor to the other therapists. She is always cheerful, even more so as she says “I am excited to step into this new role! I love the staff and clients here and I am grateful for this opportunity to ‘Bloom!'”

Congratulations Maddie! We are so excited for what’s to come!

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